Benefits of Using Cold Email Automation Software in the USA

Naturally discuss the features and advantages of using cold email automation software in the USA

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Around 80% of small and medium businesses use email marketing as the main channel of their customer acquisition. It is imperative that you get email marketing for your business now!

Our expertise lies in helping you sort your email marketing worries. Getting you the best software, tuned to your needs and resources of a range of industry leading plugins, we’ve got you covered.

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Keeping your customers engaged and reaping profits for your company, these are our only two goals, and we do it by offering a complete solution for your email marketing needs, from development to deployment.

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Our solutions are scalable based on your business volume. We create fine-tuned solutions for your business, so that you get the most out of your engagement with us.

With effective strategy in email marketing backed by the data driven intelligent decisions that you can take from your campaigns, you unlock the full potential of the industries most in-demand source of customer acquisition

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While making an email marketing strategy, we think of a lot of parameters, some fixed and some variables. In any efficient marketing strategy, we need to nail the most basic parameters of Timing, Frequency, Subject, Content, Compatibility and Personalization.


The reason why timing is so important is because of the reason that it affects the level of attentiveness your prospect would give to your email. Management of time-zones while sending campaigns becomes extremely important.

For hitting the right string with your target persona, optimizing your sending times so that maximum people read your email is crucial.


Billions of emails are sent over the internet daily. Just the number of emails you receive on a daily basis is enough to make the target customer overlook your hard-worked email. It is imperative to not send too many emails but also to make sure that you don’t send too less.


The open rate for your emails is directly proportional to the effectiveness of your subject of the email. If the subject instills curiosity, but manages to stay away from the line where it seems “fishy”, then you’ve got yourself a reader.

Appropriation based on the demographic becomes really important as various subject lines might work for different groups of people.


Once you’ve managed the target customer to open your email, it is important to give the reader what is expected from the subject line. Having only a catchy email subject and no real value in the email creates a negative reputation and hurts your future interactions with the customer.

Knowing how to deliver content in the best way possible to propel customer actions is a work of art in itself.


Smartphones have changed the world of communication. Emails are today viewed on handheld mobile devices on the go. So, it becomes extremely important for your emails to be compatible and viewable completely on the mobile devices of the modern day.

It is no good, if you create an email but it is only viewable in the most attractive manner on a desktop computer. The world is going mobile, businesses need to adapt as well.


If your readers can relate to the emails on a personal level, you will see your sales go up. A deep knowledge of your reader base is required. We can user-specific content and target your emails accordingly to gain the best conversion rates.

Interests and preferences vary, no matter how monotonous the product is, ways of marketing are different even for the same product/service. Personalization in emails handles this issue.

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Tried and Tested Strategies


Mailing Lists

The primary thing to start an email marketing campaign is to create a mailing list. It is simply a list of all the people who you will be sending your emails to. With high- quality lists, the results resonate, if your lists are bad, the outcomes will be likewise. There are various strategies through which you can create your mailing lists, targeting the right groups. A good list can prove to be the difference between a successful and a failed campaign.


List Segmentation

Creating a list is the first step and what follows is what actually helps you to efficiently execute your marketing strategy. A mailing list has all the contacts mixed up in a large virtual sack. By segmentation, we sort those contacts into groups. This segmentation helps in better personalization and targeted marketing which improve click-through and open rates.


Template Design and Content

Coming up with the raw content for the email is the easiest task in the email marketing pipeline. Raw content is basically just the idea of the decision maker from your company. It is now the time to make it presentable and palatable which would be attractive to the readers of your email. You must try to stand out and be unique from competitors to catch the attention of the customer. The message which is conveyed should be clear, “why you’re better than your competitors?”.

There are industry standard design practices which need to be followed, over- designing your email template can lead some engines to think of your email as spam. So a lot of careful design and analysis is required but as this covers the main content of your email, it deserves the attention it demands.


Automation and Data

Email marketing isn’t always done to acquire new customers, it is also executed to keep existing customers in touch, gain essential feedback about a service, conduct surveys, send newsletters and more. Automation is a major part in any efficient emailing strategy as it saves effort and time. If proper tools are integrated and standards are followed, then we can have your customers hooked to your latest offers, news updates, hottest gossip and much more, without you having to create anything new.

This effort creates a lot of data and there is always room for improvement in this competitive world. Once, yoru campaigns have gone through a sufficient number of cycles, it is important for you to monitor your data and analyze what can be improved. Like a chess game, we learn from our previous inaccuracies and improve the next time.

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