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The following Terms of use (hereafter referred to as “Agreement”) is applicable to all sorts of legal relationships and liabilities arising as a result of the association of sendcrux(Datanex Labs LLC) with the entity or the person (“you”) creating an access for sendcrux’s services for either personal or business use. If an individual is using sendcrux on behalf of any organization then this user agreement is directly entered into by the organization. Hereafter, all references to “you” reference such individuals or organizations responsible for creating access accounts for sendcrux.

This agreement permits any individual willing to access sendcrux’s services and use it for business and other individual purposes, with the condition that the individual or the organization agrees to the terms of use mentioned in this page. These terms are applicable to any interaction the user has with sendcrux’s services in any form. These terms also set the basic legal ground to how the services would be delivered and to what extent sendcrux’s legal liability extends.

This agreement governs the use of sendcrux’s services from the “Effective date” and beyond. The effective date mentioned is the date one day earlier to the entity’s (individual or person) use of our services by means of any kind of sustaining online interaction. As used in this agreement, “sendcrux” legally refers to its holding company Datanex Labs LLC. From time to time these terms may get updated, hence the users are required to visit this page frequently to make sure that you still comply with our updated terms. The individuals or organizations entering into an agreement with sendcrux would be notified when the terms are supposed to be updated.

By continuing to use our services, you confirm to accept the terms and conditions mentioned in this page and that you agree to be legally bound by all the clauses mentioned in this page. By continuing, you agree that this document and the terms mentioned is legally binding to all the interactions, disputes, etc. that may occur in the future and that this document would serve as the legal framework to solve any such altercations going forward.

Legal Notice:

The present Standard Contract Terms and Conditions (hereafter ‘SCTC’) have the definition of the access conditions and Terms of use of sendcrux’s services as their object. By becoming a user or in some form by clicking the “I accept the terms and conditions” checkbox, you acknowledge that you have completely read and understood the Terms of use of the service in question and that you agree to be legally bound by it in the future.

The SCTC and any modification to it is frequently posted on the website and the user are notified of the same so they can keep validating their understanding of the SCTC while using our service.

These terms govern your use of the website along with related services and any other information or material provided by the site hereafter through this channel of communication.

By using our services, the user acknowledges that their electronic submissions constitute a contract between the user and sendcrux. This contract applies to all the transactions the user performs and all the records the user enters into the website. This also includes any notices regarding cancellation of services, addition of new policies, contracts, applications, etc. In order to use our services fully, the user may be required to have some specific hardware or software, which is the user's sole responsibility. sendcrux does not assume liability for any typographic errors in the Terms of use, product descriptions and accompanying materials.

sendcrux provides an email marketing platform and an optimized advertising system along with data and analytics integrations, with which users can expand the reach of their entity (product/idea). Any new features added to the above mentioned service category of sendcrux would directly be subject to the Terms of Use mentioned in this page.

Your account with us :

One person is only allowed to create one account in the account creation section of our website.

The data provided to sendcrux by the user is the sole responsibility of the user and the user agrees for the information to be correct and updated.

The user acknowledges that sendcrux will use the email address provided during the creation of a personal account as a primary channel of communication between sendcruxand the user. sendcrux does not have a way of completely confirming the identity of every user that registers on the platform or rather saying that it is not futile would be more appropriate in this case. So, it cannot secure the identity and account of its users. The user is responsible for keeping their passwords and important account details secure as sendcrux won’t be able to verify if the user is logging in as a different person. If you believe that your account has been compromised, then we suggest you reach out to us so that we can take necessary actions.

The passwords that the user chooses for their account is strictly confidential and it must not be shared with any other person or organization in any form. sendcrux cannot be held liable for the theft and loss of the user’s password.

The user is responsible for any kind of activity that is perpetrated through the account and should take the sole responsibility for it. The user must take appropriate measures to make sure that this is taken care of and must not attempt any attacks at our servers with viruses or worms.

These terms constitute an agreement that allows you to use our online campaigning and marketing system and the user hereby is not granted the underlying license to any software. The user is not supposed to reverse engineer or try to obtain the source code, documentation or structure of anything related to our services. The user is not supposed to modify our existing software and reproduce it for any commercial benefits. The user is not supposed to share the software with any third party on an organizational level and remove any labels and proprietary marks.

What we understand as our duty :

sendcrux, to all its users would grant a non-exclusive right to use our application and related services. This comes after the payment of a fee for sending the campaign which is a subject to this SCTC.

All the products and services provided by sendcrux are as-is. We do not guarantee any expression along with it.

sendcrux takes the responsibility to immediately inform the customer if it understands any issue in the application and internal server that might affect its performance and will keep the user informed about the progress that is being made to rectify those issues.

sendcrux is not liable for any loss or damages caused as a result of the user using our service. sendcrux is not liable for any performance issues in the application, regardless of the reason behind the deficiency in the performance. sendcrux is also not liable for any contracts that come into place between our users and the third-party entities associated with our users.

sendcrux reserves the right to log into the account of our users for maintenance purposes.

What we expect from you :

This section explains about the rights and obligations of the users and the structure of their contractual relationship with sendcrux.

Users are supposed to assume all the legal obligations that are required in connection with our service to continue using it on a contractual basis. This obligation extends to every change and updates in the Company’s online marketing and campaigning system along with services that might be provided in the future.

sendcrux is entitled to keep its users updated with all the changes in its informational terms. In case of a failure, sendcrux reserves the right to suspend its service until a proper maintenance has been achieved to get it back online.

Users agree that they are aware of the rules and regulations they need to follow while sharing information through the internet over mail. sendcruxwill not be responsible for any ill-structured traffic generated through its users over communication channels.

Users hereby grant sendcrux to use the name, trademarks, etc. to show the association of the user with sendcrux subject to these terms. sendcrux can use their marks on advertising media such as print brochures, websites, social media posts, newsletters etc.

Users confirm to provide the data required by sendcrux in order to operate our service through their account. sendcrux asks this information once while filling up the registration form.

The users are supposed to pay a campaigning fee to sendcrux to be entitled to use our services. This payment contract is also a subject to these terms mentioned in this page. Users are not supposed to license sendcrux’s proprietary application and its access to anyone else for financial benefits.

Payment :

For the purpose of using our services, you are entitled to pay sendcrux a monetary amount. By agreeing to these terms and paying the fee you are fully entitled as a ‘User’ of sendcrux. All the above-mentioned conditions in this page applies to you the ‘User’ along with our general visitors who fill forms or in some manner leave a footprint in our database.

sendcruxreserves the right to modify its pricing and related terms and would notify the user about the same.

For our credit card users, it must be made sure from the user that the credit card is valid, and the limit of the card is not exceeded.

An electronic invoice would be produced for the user who has opted for our campaigning services within 5 days of the settlement of the payment. Such billing invoices would be sent over to the user over email.

All the users must adhere to every single term mentioned in our contract agreement when opting for our service, failure to do so will result in termination of the rights of the user’s account. If the user terminates the account with our service then, sendcrux is not liable to reimburse the fee for the remaining amount in the billing period.

Intellectual Property

The sendcrux website in entirety including the services mentioned, the content displayed, and the software provided along with graphics, databases, etc. is solely the property of sendcrux and its holding company, Datanex Labs LLC. Any reproduction for a monetary benefit is strictly prohibited. Users are strictly forbidden from making any attempts at reaching our codebase and installing worms that would result in partial or whole shutdown of the service. sendcrux reserves the Intellectual property of its services and any attempts to reverse engineer or re-sell them to make monetary profits out of what is mentioned in the contract would be a subject to legal jurisdiction at the expense of sendcrux’s will.


Except for the excluded claims mentioned in these terms, sendcrux shall not be liable for any damage to the other party arising from any loss of data, security breaches or any incidental or consequential damages arising due to any reliance. This holds even if the either parties were alerted of the upcoming damage before. In a case where sendcrux is held liable for any damages to the user in accordance with this agreement, the liability is limited to the amount paid to sendcrux by the user during the prior twelve (12) months from the date when legal liability is accepted.

Excluded claims mentioned in the above section mean any claims that arise due to the user breaching the general obligations mentioned in the above sections of this agreement. Such claims can also arise by a user failing to satisfy its duties towards our service.

Settlement of Disputes :

sendcrux assures that it will do its best to solve any disputes that might arise between sendcrux and its users, within the framework of these terms through direct negotiation without the need to go to any official court governed by constitutional law. Both the parties are obliged to cooperate and keep themselves well informed about the developments without any intentional delay.

The laws of the country of incorporation of sendcrux(Datanex Labs LLC) will govern the validity and the prominence of the terms mentioned in this page and any dispute arising from the contracts. User hereby agrees to adhere to the law and jurisdiction of any federal court in consideration.

For clarification on anything not mentioned in this agreement, we insist you to reach out to us and get your doubts solved as the email correspondence will also serve as a valid legal piece in case of any dispute. For more information on our Terms of Use and answer to any of your specific doubts please contact us at the following address:

1604 Idlewild Ave, Green cove Springs, Fl-32043, US

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