Benefits of Using Cold Email Automation Software in the USA

Naturally discuss the features and advantages of using cold email automation software in the USA

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

  • Comprehensive training on how to incorporate mailbox consoles, facilitating the creation of user mailboxes.
  • Guidance on how to manage and maintain Cloudflare accounts effectively.
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Revenue Sharing Model

  • 90% of the revenue on the creation of new mailboxes as these costs are covered by you.
  • 20% of the revenue from our other services like domain purchases, STMP, AI content, Warmup services, and more.
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Customer Care Obligations

As our partner, you'll be responsible for handling customer care services for the clients you acquire. Customer care tickets will be directed to your partner account. However, since our services are 100% automated, the need for extensive customer care services is minimal.

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Payment Procedure

We offer convenient payment options. Funds can be transferred to your Paypal or bank account within India and the USA. For partners outside India and the USA, a Paypal account is required.

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How it works

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Let them register using your partner link.

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Earn commission for all their subscription plan payments.

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