WordPress plugin allows you to keep your WordPress contacts synchronized with your mail list in Sendcrux.

Suppose you want to send periodical email campaigns to your WordPress contacts. You will need to create a mailing list in Sendcrux and then import your contacts from WordPress to the mailing list. However, as your WordPress contacts are getting updated regularly, you need a way to propagate the updates, i.e. new or updated contact information, to the mailing list.

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Download the sendcrux-connect .zip” file from “click here to Download” then:
  • Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Go to the `Plugins` page
  • Click the `Add Plugin` button, then choose `Upload Plugin`
  • Upload sendcrux-connect `.zip` file
  • Activate
You’re done installing the sendcrux-connect plugin.

Getting Started

Once you have installed the sendcrux-connect plugin, you will be able to configure it to connect to Sendcrux

  • Open the `Sendcrux Connect` menu in your WordPress dashboard
  • Click to edit or create a new connection
  • Then you will be asked for Sendcrux `Endpoint URL` and `API Token`. You can find those on your Sendcrux’s `Account > API` page which looks like this:
  • Enter the appropriate `Endpoint URL` and `API Token` then hit the `Connect` button.
  • Once you’re successfully connected with Sendcrux, you can see all available mail lists from your Sendcrux account
  • Choose an appropriate mail list then hit the `Choose and Next` button
  • Then Sendcrux Connect allows you to map the WordPress contacts’ fields to the mail list. Update and save your mapping.
Sendcrux Connect uses a daemon process to actually copy your WordPress contacts to Sendcrux’s list. Please make sure you have installed the cronjob suggested by Sendcrux Connect onto your hosting server. Then click `Save & Finish.

That’s all about integration, you’re now connected to Sendcrux and any update made to your WordPress contacts will be sync to the appropriate Sendcrux’s mail list. You can see the list of changes or updates to be propagated to Sendcrux on the `Queue` page, you can also find the sync log in the `Sync Log` page.

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